SOUL-FULL TREATS dates back to the year 2000 when my grandmother wanted me to try my hand at baking. Let me be a little more specific....

My grandmother was a caterer for close to 50 years. I would watch her create some really nice looking dishes. My curiosity would always get the best of me as I would often go into the kitchen and sample some of her creations. I would always want to know (specifically) how she made a dish or dessert so I too could make it for myself (Huge Foodie)! After a while, my grandmother would get upset because I was in her kitchen (you NEVER... EVER... go in my grandmothers kitchen when she was cooking)!!! The Ultimate cardinal sin! Eventually she put me to work cutting up things such as cheese, onions, and peppers into tiny pieces (life draining), making sure she kept me out of her way. One day she was baking a cake and I was really intrigued on what she was doing, so she began to teach me.

The recipe is an old family recipe that was passed down from my Great Aunt Rose,to my grandmothers brother, my great Uncle Pete. He passed it down to grandmother Theresa "Kathy", who passed it down to me. Three generations!!!! We have a tradition in our family where on "Mother's Day" the men do all the prepping, cooking and cleaning, while the women enjoy a day of relaxation. The same thing goes for the women on "Fathers Day", allowing the men to take in a minor or major league baseball game together and coming home to an amazing home cooked meal.  It's that tradition where I was introduced to the recipe! After years of baking the cake, my uncle didn't want the duties anymore so he passed it to my grandmother. She taught me because I was so intrigued by it. After about a year of teaching me, I inherited the family recipe and responsibility of making it.

What I didn't realize is that so many people would eventually be requesting that I make them a cake. Requests not only came from my hometown of Lansing, Michigan, but they also stretched as far as Long Beach, California. Several people even offered to pay me for them. As a 14 year old high school kid, it sounded like a winner to me. It wasn't until years later when I began making my pound cakes as an adult that people would tell me that I needed to start my own business. I took the idea to my wife (then fiance), who too enjoys my cakes and we officially started "SOUL-FULL TREATS" in April 2017 with our original flavor "Perfect Pound" along with four additional flavors which are now known as our "Starting Five" flavors.  Today the "Perfect Pound" is known as "Grandma Kathy's Perfect Pound" as her memory will forever live on within Soul-Full Treats. I have taken what was passed down to me, given it a few upgrades (ie. the flavors), taken a lit bit of the "Soul" of my family and am excitedly looking forward to sharing with you and your family. We really look forward to pleasing your palate here at "SOUL-FULL TREATS" and we hope you continue to enjoy and grow with us!!!